Inuit Legend speaks of a Lone Wolf

who abandoned the safety of his pack to create his own path through the world.  He took it upon himself to restore the balance of life, and through his untamed spirit repelled foolishness from the forest. This powerful, fearless creature became the guardian of forest and night, Amaroq, the Great Wolf.

Inspired by the lawless spirit of this demigod, our designs embody his wild soul and unshakeable confidence, so that those bold enough to walk their own paths can carry with them the essence of Amaroq.





Kate Thompson is a Northern California native who has carved out a niche for herself in Los Angeles over the past decade. She graduated from LMU with a BA in Fine Arts and an emphasis in Three Dimensional Design.  She marries her love of nature with her love of art in the intricate headpieces she creates. Kate cofounded "Fauxtale" with Toree Arntz in 2010, where she co-designed collections through 2012.  She founded Amaroq in 2013,  and still enjoys a close relationship with her kindred sister company.

Kate has designed for many prominent artists such as Cher, The Strokes, Kesha and Adam Lambert. She made her debut in Bridal alongside Odylyne the Ceremony in 2015 during Los Angeles' bridal week. She has since then gone on to show in New York Bridal Week alongside Odylyne as well.