Inuit Legend speaks of a Lone Wolf

who abandoned the safety of his pack to create his own path through the world.  He took it upon himself to restore the balance of life, and through his untamed spirit repelled foolishness from the forest. This powerful, fearless creature became the guardian of forest and night, Amaroq, the Great Wolf.

Inspired by the lawless spirit of this demigod, our designs embody his wild soul and unshakeable confidence, so that those bold enough to walk their own paths can carry with them the essence of Amaroq.





Kate Marie Thompson was raised in the foothills of Northern California, where her love for nature blossomed from a very young age.  Her childhood was spent building tree forts and fishing with her father, who taught her to appreciate and live in harmony with the wilderness.  There were few shoes and even fewer TV shows in her early life, except for an assortment of nature documentaries gifted to her by her grandfather.  Outside in the forest, everything was a tool to create something beautiful.  Already an expressive child, Kate learned to take from the wild what had been shed, and give it new life in art.  As she grew older, this inspiration to create only strengthened, leading her to leave home to pursue her dream as an artist.

Graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Fine Art, Kate settled into a life in Los Angeles designing for a vaudeville cirque, Lucent Dossier. It was here among the colorful performers that her imagination ignited and the basic feathers, sticks and bones she had collected in her youth suddenly gave way to exotic adornments and costumes.  She would stare in awe at aerialists spinning above her in webs of red silk, and simultaneously begin to weave her own interpretations of their dance into a wearable piece of art.  It was here that her mind and her hands learned how to interpret each other's visions.

Not long after her first designs saw the limelight of live performance, her work caught the eye of an up and coming pop star named Kesha.  Reaching out, the starlet bluntly stated "I don't have money now, but I will make it. And when I do, I will repay you ten times. Would you make me one of your headdresses?"  Never expecting to hear back from the girl, but excited nonetheless that somebody believed in her work, Kate created a small white headpiece and an assortment of smaller earrings and clips.  In four months time, Kesha's first single "Tik Tok" had gone platinum and Kate now had a steady job designing one of a kind statement pieces for the pop star.

As more performers and intrigued collectors showed interest in Kate's work, she teamed up with Los Angeles Designer Toree Arntz and founded couture clothing line, Fauxtale.  Together both girls fused the worlds of fashion and fine art into breathtakingly intricate and unique women's wear.  Their designs were featured in magazines such as Vaga and Malibu Magazine and carried in some of the most exclusive boutiques in the USA.

Two years later, Toree continues creating the beautiful works of art that Fauxtale is known for, and Kate has ventured off like the lone wolf herself to brave a new path with her vision of Amaroq.  Bound together by their mutual dedication and passion for animals, both girls are very active supporters and volunteers for the Wildlife Way Station, one of the oldest exotic animal sanctuary in the United States.

With Amaroq promising to bring many new opportunities in the future, Kate continues to fill her life with the forces of inspiration that fuel her untamed imagination---exploring the vast outdoors, spending time up at the Way Station, traveling at every opportunity and loving on her dogs.