Deep in the Malibu Canyons, as the sun began to set and the last rays of sunshine tickled the rolling hills, something magical happened. She walked with purpose, but ever so gently as to not disturb a single blade of grass. The wind ran its fingers through her hair. She smiled with the sunset. Her soul full of grace and her heart full of light, she laid rest to the day and lit up the night.

BRIDAL: Odylyne the Ceremony
STYLING: Coryn Madley
HAIR: Kait Marie Hair
MAKE-UP: Amy Strozzi
MODEL: Kristen Hoppe

Birds of Paradise

Whenever I get stuck on a headpiece, or my imagination runs dry of inspiration, I watch a documentary on Birds of Paradise.  These birds, most species found only in New Guinea, are the epitome of "living art." There are around 41 different types of these birds, and each one is SO unique in its appearance, it's hard to think they all evolved from the same type of bird. 

Take a moment to bath your eyeballs in the symphony of colors the Birds of Paradise proudly display. They are the fearless fashion icons of the animal world.

WAYKE UP for the Wildlife Waystation

Hey guys,

If I haven't made it clear enough, nature and animals are so central to my heart that I have built an entire career around using what they give me to make art. But that has never been enough, and over the past few years I have had the privilege in becoming involved with the Wildlife Waystation, one of the oldest non-profit exotic animal sanctuaries in the nation. In fact, many of the feathers, quills and bones that I use in my work are humanely gathered from this haven for animals. 

The Waystation and its animals have selflessly given me so many gifts, and now its time to give back in return.  They need our help to open their doors to visitors, so everybody can experience the joy of holding a monkey's hand or standing three feet from some of the most endangered species in the world.  This is a sanctuary, not a zoo, and most of its inhabitants have been rescued from unfit homes, laboratories or the entertainment industry.  This means the animals are not afraid or unfamiliar with humans.  It also means that we owe it to them to provide a comfortable, forever home for them now that they have reached a safe place.

Please help ensure that the sanctuary will be around for many generations to come.

Click DONATE to help now!

Or visit the official website for more information: www.waykeup.com


Home Decor: Rustic vs modern.

Let's be honest... who isn't obsessed with dreaming of the perfect home? Even more, who doesn't enjoy dreaming of the perfect design for that fairytale house?  I do. Every day. All day long. Recently, I have become obsessed with the balance between rustic and modern.  Exposed natural stone and wood make me feel like I have tamed the outside wilderness and made it into my own cozy castle...

...and I LOVE recycled wood and crates for cabinets and shelving... there is something about the organic nature of the wood that makes it so homely...

...and I LOVE recycled wood and crates for cabinets and shelving... there is something about the organic nature of the wood that makes it so homely...

Even if the edges are super raw!  I actually feel like this makes it even more unique.

Even if the edges are super raw!  I actually feel like this makes it even more unique.

AND BARN HOUSE DOORS! Whether they slide or open wide, these doors add soooooo much country character to even the most modern of houses... put them on a bathroom, bedroom or laundry door... anything works.

AND BARN HOUSE DOORS! Whether they slide or open wide, these doors add soooooo much country character to even the most modern of houses... put them on a bathroom, bedroom or laundry door... anything works.

And last but not least... the bedroom... there is something about old, recycled wood that makes the bed frame an even more sacred place. .Whether it is a simple backsplash on the wall or an entire framing of the mattresses, natural wood brings out the best in interior design. And the best way to spruce it up even more? Edison lights!!!!

And last but not least... the bedroom... there is something about old, recycled wood that makes the bed frame an even more sacred place. .Whether it is a simple backsplash on the wall or an entire framing of the mattresses, natural wood brings out the best in interior design. And the best way to spruce it up even more? Edison lights!!!!

Who'd have thought? Lace & Nails...

Brides have enough on their plate-- overseeing the planning of their wedding, picking a dress, picking the bridesmaid dresses, the flower girl, fitting INTO her dress, her hair, make-up... the list goes on forever. But if you find yourself searching for that FINAL detail, I have fallen in LOVE with making nails a completely separate work of art... an extension of the veil... in LACE. 

And why stop with just a ring on that special finger?  We say GLAM it up from bottom to top!

Dare to be different. And remember, there is no such thing as too much on your wedding day. It is YOUR day.

Wild Bride

"Tradition" is a beautiful thing. It is ritual, and ritual is a large part of what makes us human. However, traditions can and should morph and be challenged with the passing of time, for as the world turns and grows, we evolve with it.

The traditional wedding was a ceremonial transfer of the bride from one man's protection and family to another. Back in the day, women even came with a dowry. Nowadays, we do things very differently. Weddings are celebratory ceremonies rejoicing in the name of love and the consensual union of two people willing to commit to a lifetime together.

The modern bride knows herself.  She is confident and calm.  Composed and reflective. Grateful and present. She floats down the isle with effortless grace, a beautiful breeze mixed with certainty and the wild flame of womanhood. She is Mother Earth and her beauty grows deeper into the roots of the world with each step she takes. Her love is untamable and her promise is eternal. She is the one and only. And she knows that.

Bridal Bliss

Once again, Amaroq has teamed up with Odylyne to unveil a bridal collection that will leave you breathless and enchanted.  Whimsically lit with white votives, the runway at the Reef, downtown LA, felt as if a procession of otherworldly faery brides walked upon rose petals for the cameras before returning to the spirit realm... Below are a few glimpses of the magick captured on Wednesday:


Thank you SO much to everyone who helped make this happen, including the AMAZING Jeremy Kaikala for the gorgeous braids/hair and the incomparable Stephanie Lampkin herself.  More coming soon!

Let it Go.

Life is full of surprises.
There are ups.  There are downs.
Sometimes there are more ups than downs.
And vice versa.
At the end of the day, the Universe never gives you more than you can handle.
Well, it appears the Universe thinks that I am one tough bitch.

Yesterday, my house caught fire and burnt to the ground. My roommates and I lost just about everything. My studio on the front porch was incinerated, all of my work and art lost in a pile of ashes.  My antique furniture that I had carefully collected over many years is completely charred. All of my clothes are damaged, many beyond repair.  But that is nothing compared to my roommates Trey and Brenda.  They lost EVERYTHING.  All they have now is the clothes on their back.  Family heirlooms, treasured art and sentimental letters all went up in a blaze.  The worst part is I wasn't even there to mourn with them.  I am still stuck in Nashville, and have no idea what (or where) I will be coming home to.  For me, this all doesn't seem real.  I woke up this morning and laid in bed for a few hours, processing. Did that really just happen?  Unfortunately, no matter how long I stayed in bed I realized it wasn't going to change this harsh reality.  My home is gone, and so is the past ten years of my life that I kept inside of it.

It is so easy to focus on the bad and let yourself sink into the role of the victim, especially when everything seems to be falling apart.  On April 26th, I lost the center of my life, Zero, to a brutal dog attack in my front yard.  A huge part of my heart died when he did.  I was devastated.  One week later, someone broke into my car and stole my laptop, containing my entire life in pictures (including most of Zero). I was in disbelief.  When I got the call yesterday from Trey, learning that our home was up in flames, I damn near lost my mind.  I am sitting here in Nashville, helpless and terrified of even getting in a car for fear of some other horrible thing happening.  However, the Law of Three states that good and bad things happen in sets of three. I am on my knees praying that this is true.  I don't know how much more I can take.

Amidst the tragedy however, I have been showered with a level of love and support I had no idea even existed.  It is nearly impossible to fall flat on your face when you have so many people holding you up.  Its terrifying when something that is supposed to be your safe haven is transformed into a hungry, fiery furnace.  If Trey had not been home, my dog Ruca and our bunny would have burned alive.  Material possessions are a lot easier to let go of than loved ones, and we are truly blessed that everybody made it out of there in time.

I know I have amazing people in my life, but you all have surpassed any and all expectations one can hope for in friends.  I have never felt more surrounded by love.  Your texts and posts and calls and prayers have all made their way to me and my roommates.  It also blows me away how many of you don't even know me personally, but are willing to pull together whatever you have to help us begin this long journey of rebuilding our lives.  Words will never be able to express my gratitude.  I can only promise to live my entire life as selflessly as you all have for me.  I have to believe there is a reason all of this happened.  I've always been one to hold on to my possessions and add extra value to things I've collected throughout my life's many journeys and adventures.  Losing any one of those truly upsets me.  However, losing everything all at once has instilled a bizarre tranquility.  I don't know if I am simply still in shock, or if this inner silence is me recognizing the insignificance of all things material.  The people in your life and the stories you share with them are the only things that will last forever.  I lost my house, but I didn't lose my home. Home is in the eyes of all of you willing to hold my hand through this difficult time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Happy Animals Club

I found this story on Reddit.com yesterday, and it moved me to tears.

Please take a few minutes to read this 9 year old boy's story. It warms my heart knowing that there are children out there who are so concerned and determined to help the animals around them. We can all work harder to make a difference. Please Donate to this inspiration boy's Philippines no-kill animal shelter on his website below.

CHECK OUT KEN'S HAPPY ANIMALS CLUB: NO-KILL SHELTER Here:  http://www.happyanimalsclub.org

In Memory of Zero Tolerance Pollesé: 2006-2014

     Zero Tolerance Pollesé was born on April 21st, 2006. He came into my life as a birthday present, and remained one of the greatest gifts throughout the 8 years I was lucky enough to have him in my life.  For the most of his life, Zero weighed about 6 pounds, but it never occurred to him that he was any smaller than his sister, Ruca the 60 lb. pit bull. Fear and cowardice were foreign feelings to him, as the world was his empire and its inhabitants, his subjects--other than his mommy. I was his sun, and he was my little black cloud. My heartbeat at my feet. He loved me unconditionally and protected me from all intruders.

    Those of you who had the privilege to know Zero, know that he had a LOT to say, and said it with attitude. He knew when you were talking about him, and if he wasn't amused he would stand up and waddle out of the groom, grumpily growling and glaring straight at the offender. If you picked up car keys or if his Daddy put on running shoes, he would explode into excited yips and jump and flip and race you to the door. No dog loved exploring the world more than Zero. We had to hold him by his tail if the windows were down in the car, because he wanted his head soooo far out the window that he'd risk falling out. And if you had food, his begging face blew "Puss-N-Boots'" pity face out of the water. He could even make his eyes water.

     Zero was the biggest personality, trapped in the smallest body.  So big that on April 26th, 2014, he set himself free. Fatally attacked by an aggressive dog, he fought for 13 hours for his life, surviving 6 hours of open chest surgery, because if there was one thing Zero was, it was a fighter. And he left this life exactly how he would've wanted to--fighting. I imagine him reborn as a giant black timber wolf, roaming his territory somewhere in Alaska, thinking to himself "finally. I knew I was this big all along."


Zero is survived by his sister Ruca, mom Kate, and dad Ryan. 

There will never be another Zero.

Wolves Alter the Paths of Rivers...

This video moved me deeply.

The balance of life hangs by nothing but a thread of the spider's web.

Each life force plays and equally valuable role in the time we share here on Earth.

Whether human or animal, predator or prey.

Let us all be aware of the footprints we leave,

The consequences of our mistakes,

The delicacy hidden in every beast and mountain,

The healing potential of our hearts,

And the power of our actions.

How Wolves Change Rivers

New Moon, New Beginnings

Hello friends!

      2014 has made a grand entrance, and so have we! With the progressive energy of this month's two "super moons," Amaroq has decided to officially launch on January 30th's "Black Moon."  With promises of quick transformation and an abundance of opportunity, the transition into the Chinese Zodiac's Wood Horse is already bringing momentum into life's pursuits. Tap into it.

      Amaroq has big plans for this year. We will be shooting our second collaboration with LA's Odylyne this March... and we're going bridal. We're also setting up a YouTube channel to connect with and introduce you all to our exotic and wild friends.  Starting the first week of March, I will post one "how to" video a week, where you can learn anything from how to make goose hurl earrings, to how to grommet leather... just make sure to send the final pictures of your beautiful creations!

      With the launch of this new site, I warmly welcome you into the pack and hope that through the art and adventures of Amaroq, I can inspire you to change the world around you. My inspiration runs wild with the wind--- it is in the amber glow of a wolf's eyes, the curious touch of a raccoon's tiny fingers, and the deep roar of a lion.  Their untamable spirits ignite something in us--perhaps our own wild soul, which has become more and more distant in these modern times.  These creatures rekindle the carnal core of humanity, the beauty and joy of being alive.  However, nowadays they can barely survive themselves.

     Amaroq is dedicated to raising awareness towards the urgent state of our wildlife. Whether from habitat loss, hunting, or century old misunderstandings, the animals responsible for the wild and colorful splendor of Earth are dwindling faster than ever before.  I am committed to educating my viewers by exposing injustices and celebrating the victories of the animal kingdom.  Once in a while, I may even have a furry guest or two. 

     I am also passing a torch to YOU. Please send all articles, stories, or conservation ideas to amaroqdesign@gmail.com.  I will try to feature one a week on our blog.  

      Words cannot express how optimistic and excited I am for the surprises this year has in store.

      Howl at the Moon,