New Moon, New Beginnings

Hello friends!

      2014 has made a grand entrance, and so have we! With the progressive energy of this month's two "super moons," Amaroq has decided to officially launch on January 30th's "Black Moon."  With promises of quick transformation and an abundance of opportunity, the transition into the Chinese Zodiac's Wood Horse is already bringing momentum into life's pursuits. Tap into it.

      Amaroq has big plans for this year. We will be shooting our second collaboration with LA's Odylyne this March... and we're going bridal. We're also setting up a YouTube channel to connect with and introduce you all to our exotic and wild friends.  Starting the first week of March, I will post one "how to" video a week, where you can learn anything from how to make goose hurl earrings, to how to grommet leather... just make sure to send the final pictures of your beautiful creations!

      With the launch of this new site, I warmly welcome you into the pack and hope that through the art and adventures of Amaroq, I can inspire you to change the world around you. My inspiration runs wild with the wind--- it is in the amber glow of a wolf's eyes, the curious touch of a raccoon's tiny fingers, and the deep roar of a lion.  Their untamable spirits ignite something in us--perhaps our own wild soul, which has become more and more distant in these modern times.  These creatures rekindle the carnal core of humanity, the beauty and joy of being alive.  However, nowadays they can barely survive themselves.

     Amaroq is dedicated to raising awareness towards the urgent state of our wildlife. Whether from habitat loss, hunting, or century old misunderstandings, the animals responsible for the wild and colorful splendor of Earth are dwindling faster than ever before.  I am committed to educating my viewers by exposing injustices and celebrating the victories of the animal kingdom.  Once in a while, I may even have a furry guest or two. 

     I am also passing a torch to YOU. Please send all articles, stories, or conservation ideas to  I will try to feature one a week on our blog.  

      Words cannot express how optimistic and excited I am for the surprises this year has in store.

      Howl at the Moon,