Wild Bride

"Tradition" is a beautiful thing. It is ritual, and ritual is a large part of what makes us human. However, traditions can and should morph and be challenged with the passing of time, for as the world turns and grows, we evolve with it.

The traditional wedding was a ceremonial transfer of the bride from one man's protection and family to another. Back in the day, women even came with a dowry. Nowadays, we do things very differently. Weddings are celebratory ceremonies rejoicing in the name of love and the consensual union of two people willing to commit to a lifetime together.

The modern bride knows herself.  She is confident and calm.  Composed and reflective. Grateful and present. She floats down the isle with effortless grace, a beautiful breeze mixed with certainty and the wild flame of womanhood. She is Mother Earth and her beauty grows deeper into the roots of the world with each step she takes. Her love is untamable and her promise is eternal. She is the one and only. And she knows that.