In Memory of Zero Tolerance Pollesé: 2006-2014

     Zero Tolerance Pollesé was born on April 21st, 2006. He came into my life as a birthday present, and remained one of the greatest gifts throughout the 8 years I was lucky enough to have him in my life.  For the most of his life, Zero weighed about 6 pounds, but it never occurred to him that he was any smaller than his sister, Ruca the 60 lb. pit bull. Fear and cowardice were foreign feelings to him, as the world was his empire and its inhabitants, his subjects--other than his mommy. I was his sun, and he was my little black cloud. My heartbeat at my feet. He loved me unconditionally and protected me from all intruders.

    Those of you who had the privilege to know Zero, know that he had a LOT to say, and said it with attitude. He knew when you were talking about him, and if he wasn't amused he would stand up and waddle out of the groom, grumpily growling and glaring straight at the offender. If you picked up car keys or if his Daddy put on running shoes, he would explode into excited yips and jump and flip and race you to the door. No dog loved exploring the world more than Zero. We had to hold him by his tail if the windows were down in the car, because he wanted his head soooo far out the window that he'd risk falling out. And if you had food, his begging face blew "Puss-N-Boots'" pity face out of the water. He could even make his eyes water.

     Zero was the biggest personality, trapped in the smallest body.  So big that on April 26th, 2014, he set himself free. Fatally attacked by an aggressive dog, he fought for 13 hours for his life, surviving 6 hours of open chest surgery, because if there was one thing Zero was, it was a fighter. And he left this life exactly how he would've wanted to--fighting. I imagine him reborn as a giant black timber wolf, roaming his territory somewhere in Alaska, thinking to himself "finally. I knew I was this big all along."


Zero is survived by his sister Ruca, mom Kate, and dad Ryan. 

There will never be another Zero.